About offscreen

This ressource was initially put together by Aurelien Godin for his final year’s degree programme in Creative Sound Production. Its primary aim was to help out filmmakers, sound designers and/or spectators to use or understand the offscreen in film as a legitimate narrative space, helping to create a more dynamic, playful and rewarding cinematic experience.

About copyrights

This classification is merely a compilation of techniques that have been mostly extracted from film sound books and/or film theorists. References are provided wherever possible, even to concepts that can be deemed conventional enough to be public domain or general knowledge.

The description of each entry is usually mostly a paraphrased outline of the referenced work. The characteristics and application of each entry are the original work and writing of Aurélien Godin. Most of the techniques will feature a reference, those that do not are original entries created by the author as an extrapolation of other entries.

Further reading is always encouraged, this classification is only an overview for each techniques and focuses primarily on their cumulative usage. Please find an extensive reference section in the following link.

Lastly, this site is based as a non-profit entity and it will always be. No copyright infringement is intended, the information is solely used on the basis of fair dealing/fair use, as an educational and research platform.

About using the ressource

This site is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0), meaning that you can share and adapt the work as you see fit as long as it remains for non-commercial purposes later down the chain, and that the relevant credits and changes in effect are stipulated. 

Please feel free to use and improve!