To do

Phase 1

  • Creating audiovisual idents for the packaging of the later content creation
  • Creation of the appropriate social media channels
  • Creating tutorials for using the ressource – extracting and creating more example scenes, adding basic ones and others extracted from well-known films; all with appropriate video references
  • Adding examples videos to the main entries of the classification, to more easily illustrate each techniques usage and effects


Phase 2

  • Depending on usage, creation of a forum within the site
  • Newsletter system
  • Restructure pass – further specification to ease usage
  • Research and proceed to a more visual and diagrammatic approach, making the classification less textual and more easily approchable
  • Extend the classification to include story design elements – adding more sections including screenwriting theories, film structure, and theories of psychology related to character design
  • Translations in Simplified Chinese, Spanish and French


Offscreen v1 (3/12/2018)

  • Classification initial structure