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Aurélien Godin has put together this ressource for the filmmakers/sound poeps/film buffs/geeks community, to thankfully give back for everything he has been able to access and freely learn on the web. Though, as you already know, aside from the running cost of the website being online, putting the ressource together and updating it takes time.

Donations would help allocate specific time to develop and optimise further and faster the ressource.

This site being non-profit, all the funds allocated would go towards the further development of the ressource. The amount given would directly influence the time spent on the site’s improvement (proceeding to the changes listed in the changelog) and also listed below.

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Alternatively, if you find this ressource useful, you could just tip Aurélien to an amount of your choosing. This will be very highly appreciated and its usefulness in everyday life needs no explanation. Thanks very very much if that’s your first choice.