Sound imagery

Parallels to the figures of speech that semantic and/or rendered sound can have

Simile Acoustic similarity of two sounds (ex: scream and siren)
Hyperbole Obvious and intentional exaggeration (ex: scream with alarm clock)
Metaphor Suggest comparison of an actual sound with an idea (ex: scream with blinking red light)
Allegory Representation of abstract through concrete (ex: scream held mysteriously until climax)
Irony Contrast of least expected opposite (ex: scream with smile; cf: decontextualisation)
Paradox Apparent contradiction that may infer inner truth (ex: scream from cigarette)
Vivification Manifest living traits in an inanimate object (ex: scream from doormat)


  • Can further narrative greatly
  • Obsolete if reference is not understood

Related induced effect: Semantic sound; Sound reference
Related inductor effect: Narrative; Emotional inventory

(Sonnenschein, 2001)

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