Voice personality

Formant attributes of the voice that can provide identification of a character type:

Frequency Bass, baritone, alto or soprano
Resonant energy Range between 1000 and 2000 Hz
Peaks Can give a whiney, infantile sound
Sibilance and friction

Weak (poorly articulated speech)

Strong (whispers, giggling, etc…)


  • Set character and possibly context
  • Characters are often designed and grounded on clichés, and therefore can mislead the audience into a non-conventionality
  • Depends on culture
  • Can be linked with context and its dialogue variables as the voice of a person can change considering the situation
  • Does not inherently provide any spatial cues

Related induced effect: Prosody; M.S.I.
Complementary effect: Context variables; Dialogue variables; A.D.R.

(Sonnenschein, 2001)

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